2. Well, Simpson had a girlfriend,
She wore coke bottle glasses
Over her crossed eyes.
And she wasn’t any rose,
She had six-foot-long raven hair
Coming out of her nose.
And we sang
3. We played a joke on Simpson,
We let him join our club.
We put his name upon the door
And splattered it with mud.
And we sang
4.That was many years ago,
Now I’m fifty-nine.
I heard Simpson was a hero
Of some kind.
I heard a little jewish boy
Was being beat up by a gang.
Simpson helped him get away
And died by a chain.


Danke an Enno, der den Text aufgeschrieben hat. Ich weiß weder den Autor dieses Liedes, noch wie die fehlenden Zeilen lauten. Wir haben es bei STW 1994 öfters gesungen. Wer hilft uns weiter?


Thanks to Enno who wrote down the lyrics, as far as he could remember. There are still two lines missing (and others wrong, maybe), and we have no idea who wrote that song. We liked to sing it at STW 1994. Who can help us with the missing information?

DISCLAIMER: This file represents the interpretation of the song as it is sung at “Scouting the World”. Its only purpose is the documentation of “Scouting the World” for the members. In particular, it is intended that the format is difficult to print.