Those Who See Light


2. Those who have witnessed the sun rise and set,
Those who have studied a flower unfold,
Those who have focused on land, sea and sky
Have seen Jesus Christ.
3. Those who see good in the persons they meet,
Those who look after their brothers in need,
Those who believe he’s now living in them,
They see his return.


Im 89er Pfingstlager hatten wir eine Messe auf dem Zeltplatz. Zu diesem Anlass brachte uns Tim “Those who see light” bei. Die Messe begann im Freien auf dem Zeltplatz. Als es etwa zur Opferung wolkenbruchartig anfing zu regnen, zogen wir kurzerhand ins Haus um. Was Tim trocken kommentierte mit “a very moving mass”.

Im Laufe der Jahre ist “Those who see light” zum vielleicht wichtigsten Lied im Leben unseres Stammes geworden. Es wird bei Festen (zuletzt z.B. beim Stammesjubiläum) genauso gesungen wie bei traurigen Anlässen.

Die Melodie ist von Nancy Elze und der Text von Donald Osuna.


In 1989’s camp there was a mass that we had on the campsite. It was for this mass that Tim taught us “Those who see light”. The mass began open air, but after a while it began pouring with rain, and we moved into the house. Which Tim described aptly as “a very moving mass”.

During the years, “Those who see light” has become the probably most important song in Stamm Lörick. It is sung as well in happy times (like the Stamm’s 20th anniversary) as in sad ones.

The tune was written by Nancy Elze and the lyrics by Donald Osuna.

DISCLAIMER: This file represents the interpretation of the song as it is sung at “Scouting the World”. Its only purpose is the documentation of “Scouting the World” for the members. In particular, it is intended that the format is difficult to print.