On my Honor

2. I’ve tucked away a song or two.
If your feeling low there’s one for you.
If you need a friend then I will come,
And there’s many more where I come from.
3. Come with me where the fire burns bright.
We can even find meaning in a candle’s light,
And we’ll find more meaning in a campfire’s glow
Than we’ll ever find in a year or so.
4. We’ve made a promise to always keep.
We pray “Softly Falls” before we sleep.
We’ll be Boy Scouts together and when we’re done,
We’ll still be trying and singing our song.


Bei StW 1998 haben wir auf der Fahrt von Wisconsin nach Wyoming in Süd-Dakota übernachtet. Unsere Gastgeber vom Pfadfindertrupp “Troop 17” aus Spearfish taten alles, um uns das Farmleben im Wilden Westen näher zu bringen. Wir konnten echte Uralt-Cowboys erzählen hören, mit Planwagen fahren, zusehen wie ein Kalb gebrandmarkt wird, und die Sketche (“Brrring me the royal paper”) und Lieder des Pfadfindertrupps genießen. Ein Lied, das wir dort gelernt haben, ist “On my honor”.

Das Lied stammt eigentlich aus der Pfadfinderinnenbewegung. Es wurde 1971 von Cindy Dasch geschrieben (die damals in Quincy, Illinois wohnte), als sie Camp Staff in Camp Derricot (Becky Thatcher Council, Hannibal, Missouri) war. Die Melodie ist Harry Belafonte’s “Island in the sun”. Aber das war mir nicht bewusst, bis Tini es mir vor kurzem sagte. (Ich hatte gleich das Gefühl, dass mir die Melodie irgendwoher bekannt vorkam…)


At StW 1998 we spent one night in South Dakota on our way from Wisconsin to Wyoming. We were hosted by Troop 17 from Spearfish, SD, and they did a great job in introducing us to Wild West farm life. We could speak with real cowboys, ride horse waggons, see a calf being branded, and enjoy the skits (“Brrring me the royal paper”) and songs of Troop 17. We learned a song from them, which was “On my honor”.

The song originally comes from Girl Scouting, written by Cindy Dasch formerly of Quincy, Illinois. It was written in 1971, while on camp staff at Camp Derricot for Becky Thatcher Council out of Hannibal, Missouri. The tune is Harry Belafonte’s “Island in the sun”, of which I wasn’t aware until Tini told me recently. (I suspected from the beginning I had heard it somewhere before, but…)

DISCLAIMER: This file represents the interpretation of the song as it is sung at “Scouting the World”. Its only purpose is the documentation of “Scouting the World” for the members. In particular, it is intended that the format is difficult to print.