STW 2002 Zeitungsbreichte – Newspaper articles


Auch über Scouting The World 2002 gab es wieder verschiedene Presseberichte in lokalen Zeitungen aus Wisconsin. Im Folgenden sind sie in der Originalsprache abgedruckt. Sollte jemand Lust haben, so würden wir uns über eine Übersetzung freuen!


There were different reports on Scouting The World 2002 in local Wisconsin Newspapers.

  1. New Richmond News (Thursday, August 1, 2002)
  2. New Richmond News (Thursday, August 15, 2002)
  3. Phillips Gazette (Wednesday, August 7, 2002)
  4. Phillips Gazette (Wednesday, August 7, 2002)
  5. Die Lupe (Herbst 2002)

1. New Richmond News (Thursday, August 1, 2002)

German Scouts to visit New Richmond

picture from New Richmond News

A patch of friendship

When Explorer Scouts from Germany visit New Richmond this week, they will be given this uniform patch as a souvenir. The exchange continues a program started between New Richmond and Germany in the mid-’90s

picture from New Richmond News

Local Explorer Scouts from Eau Claire and New Richmond and other western Wisconsin communities will be participating in an international exchange with a group of visiting German scouts during the month of August.

After the tragedy of Sept. 11, the members of Explorer Post 896, the American group which conducts the exchange program, decided to redouble its efforts to promote understanding between nations.
The patch commemorating the 2002 visit by German scouts to America shows the outline of the World Trade Center towers surrounded by the words “Though others destroy – let us build…bridges between peoples.” Continue reading

STW 2002 Bericht – Report


Stan hat seine Erlebnisse bei unserem Montana-Trip in einem Tagebuch verarbeitet, das die beste Beschreibung der Gegend seit dem berühmten Tagebuch von Lewis und Clark darstellt. Wer dieses Tagebuch lieber mit Karten und Bildern lesen will, der starte bitte hier.


Stan has written a journal on our Montana trip. It is certainly the best journal about this area since the famous one of Lewis and Clark. If you want to read this journal in a version with maps and pictures, please start here.

Montana Expedition
The Journal of Stan Keisler
Cook No. 2
“How I Survived a Dinner With a Grizzly ” Continue reading