STW 1998 Zeitungsberichte – Newspaper acticles


Über Scouting The World 98 gab es verschiedene Presseberichte in lokalen Zeitungen aus Wisconsin. Im Folgenden sind sie in der Originalsprache abgedruckt. Sollte jemand Lust haben, so würden wir uns über eine Übersetzung freuen!


There were differnt reports on Scouting The World 98 in local Wisconsin Newspapers.

  1. Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (Monday, July 27, 1998)
  2. From a unknown source
  3. The News – New Richmond (Thursday, July 30, 1998)
  4. BSA Today (Vol 3 March / April, 1998)

1. Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (Monday, July 27, 1998)

With each visit, Scouts build closer friendships

Structures of U.S., German programs differ

Jorg Gastel, 29, left, of Germany, sits with his host father, Mike Beranek, 32, of Eau Claire. The two met in 1994 when 18 German Scouts visited the Eau Claire area as part of Scouting the World 1994. This Summer, 24 German Scouts made the trip to the United States to take part in Scouting the World 1998.

— “German Scouting is still suffering froma burden of History.”
Tim Scott, local troop leader

By Jennifer Chovanec
Leader-Telegram staff

Jorg Gastel is impressed with Eau Claire’s friendliness, Wisconsin’s countryside and the United States’ freedom. While it’s not his first trip here, he marvels at the sights and sounds of the United States every time.
Gastel is one of 24 German Scouts and leaders visiting the Chippewa Valley this month. The Germans are part of “Stamm Loerick,” a Scout troop from Loerick, Germany, a suburb of Dusseldorf. The Scouts, 18 males and six females, range in age from 16 to 32.
The visit is the third segment of an ongoing exchange program between German and American Scouts. Eighteen German Scouts visited the Eau Claire area the summer of 1994, and 26 American Scouts and leaders visited Germany two years ago. While he concedes the visit has been educational and action-packed, fun is the name of the game for Gastel. Continue reading

STW 1998 Bericht – Report

STW1998 – third part: USA

Highlights: Flight (Düsseldorf – Island – Minneapolis) — 2 day at Tim’s cabin at the lake — Camp Phillips close to EauClaire,WI — caravan like trip to Pinedale,WY — Yellowstone — Grand Tetons — multi day hike — Shoshonnen Indian Reservat — Devils Tower — Badlands

A’s diary

Dies ist das ultimative Tagebuch über die gesamte Fahrt, unseren amerikanischen Freunden zuliebe auf englisch aufgeschrieben vom A.

Sunday, July 12

Leaving Germany is easier than I thought. At the baggage check at Frankfurt International Airport they are not very interested in what I have in my two packs. Only the metal detector seems to be more interested in me: my belt and my shoes contain metal pieces which require me passing the check a second time without them.

Flying to Iceland would be nice, normally. But in my plane there’s a group of young girls on their way to horseback riding vacations. They behave much sillier than their horses would do in the same place. For a moment I am happy to travel alone. Actually, the rest of my group is already in Wisconsin. I had to work, so I’m two days late. Finally, the plane lands in Reykjavik, Iceland. Landing is no fun. The airport in Reykjavik is tiny, but nice. Partially I regret that I can’t stay in Iceland, one of the countries I definitely want to visit one day. Though the surrounding of the airport reminds me of the pictures from the Apollo landings…

The second plane could be more quiet, if there wasn’t a child crying for six hours without interruption. Finally we land in Minneapolis. The guy having the place next to me corrects me: “That’s not Minneapolis, it’s Twin Cities”. Continue reading