STW 2000 Zitate – Quotes


Hier gibt es endlich die ultimative Zitate-Sammlung zu StW2000, zusammengestellt von BethAnne und Shelby.


Now! New! The ultimate collection of famous quotes from StW2000, compiled by BethAnne and Shelby.

*slam* “F*** me.”
Chris, getting his arm slammed in the van door by Michaela.

“Were you crying because you hate one of the songs we sing?”
Tim, to BethAnne.

“What’s your opinion on my hat?” “Your feet smell.”
Joe Myre and Shelby, in the Frankfurt airport.

“Is it possible you humple a little?”
Markus, to Marisa on the hike.

“Did you know that eating chocolate has the same effect as having sex?”

“It would be better for me if you moved your head to my shoulder.” “Not for meeeeee.”
Mary and Pat.

“F***ing taxis.”
Sebastian, driving the Party Bus to Frankfurt. (Yeah, Party Bus! Woo!)

“Base camp – that’s where the cripples are.
Base camp – that’s where the sickly are.
Base camp – that’s where you could be, too.
But you’re not! Ahahahaha!”

The base camp song (to the tune of “Downtown”) written by Leah and Shelby.

“Our tent smells like ass!”

“Things are falling out of me.”
Tired, drugged, airport Mary.

“Suck one!” “What, suck your wally?” “Just suck one!”
Philipp, Tim, and Philipp again. Phillip was giving Shelby a cough drop.

“She’ll rip your balls off.”
Kent, to Hermann, who was stealing Erin’s various place settings.

“Do do do do do.”
Daniel. All the time.

Various comments about midget porn.
Markus (originally telling Group Two what his father does).

“Take your f***ing walk!”
Kent, to the opposing ultimate frisbee team. Every time the other team scored a goal, they’d say, “Losers walk.” When Kent’s team finally scored, he wanted to return the favor.

“I would definitely buy the movie just for the monkey with the club.”
Pat, discussing Meet Joe Black.

“Hold me.”
Markus, to Leah (meaning to say, “Hold this”).

“My best night was twenty-seven dollars.”
Leah, to Didi in the red light district (talking about tips – or should I say “tips”).

“I saw a dog the size of a cow.”
> Shelby.

“Didi, unzip your pants.”
Shelby. No explanation needed. Okay, okay, fine – Didi had a zipper at the bottom of one of the legs of his pants, and Shelby kept unzipping it to annoy him.

“Mary is such a nice, simple name. Everyone should be called Mary.”
Phillip at the Gap. (Hooray for the Gap in Germany!)

“Mary, buy those for us.”
Sebastian, to Mary as she held a pair of fast-f***ing pants.

“Come on, what does ‘douche’ mean in English?”

“I want to drive the van.”
Shelby. Constantly.

“You’re kinda freaky.”
Leah, to Scream-mask guy in Cologne.

“Let’s go smell him.”
BethAnne, about Daniel, every chance she got.

“F*** you, cars, I want to go fast.”
Daniel, in his Porsche.

“Holy shit.”
Justin, Joe Myre, and Marcus, seeing the second floor of King Ludwig’s hunting lodge.

“You’ve been drinking again, haven’t you? BethAnne’s drunk again.”
Pretty much everyone.

“What? What did you just say? You didn’t just say what I think you did, did you? Because I hope I heard you wrong.”
Markus, when BethAnne asked him to be her crack whore.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been here before.” *a couple of minutes later* “Maybe I haven’t.”
Andreas Huhn, on the night hike.

“Let’s sing a song.”
Spencer, on the night hike. Nick then proceeded to try to kill him.

“Who rules? O’Doyle rules!”
Joe Myre, Jens Pusch, and Erin.

“You’re not supposed to talk about drugs!”
Leah, Shelby, and BethAnne, every time anyone mentioned anything about drugs, after Shelby got lectured by Betty.

“Roll the bitch!”

“Fucking biatch.”
Dodi’s response to pretty much everything.

“Come here, BethAnne, you need to meet this guy. He drinks all the time, too.”
Joe Myre, introducing BethAnne to Drunk Boy – I mean, uh, Richard.

“Now I can spank multiple monkeys at once!”
Andreas Huhn, discussing the extra-large boxers with monkeys playing bongos, which Shelby and BethAnne then bought for him. From the Gap.

“I have gas.”
Tim and Markus.

“He was in Canada; know why? Because he had a big f***ing maple leaf on his chest. That’s why.”
Joe Myre, to Geoff, about Wolverine and X-Men.

“It’s a big f***ing grizzly bear!”
Tim, about a pile of brush.

“I know where we’re going.”
Dodi, right before he got his group lost in Munich.

“True true true.”

“Oh my god, you look exactly like Brian from the Backstreet Boys!”
Marisa, to Brian.

“Mr. Brooks! Mr. Finstad! Mr. Myre! Mr. Huhn! Mr. Plecko! Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!”
Various, filling in for an absent Gerry Munyon.

“Hand check.”
Multiple people.

“Betty in the middle, Betty in the middle!”
Everyone in the bubbles of love (but Mary started it).

“A different kind of company, a different kind of car. A different kind of company, a different kind of car.”
Pat and others in the bubbles of love.

“How do you eat with rubbers in your mouth?”
Daniel, to Mary, about her rubber bands.

“Check! Check check check (and various other kinds of checks)!”
Everyone in Tim’s check-in group.

“I’m so hungry. Really. I really wish I had something to eat. I could just eat a horse.”
BethAnne, trying to convince everyone that no one actually gave her a piece of their chocolate (really!).

“Full of juice and ready for use. Long and hairy, hard to carry.”

“Pat, if you take one more poster, I’ll kick your fucking ass.”

“Oh my god, Plenki’s raping a cow!”
Joe Myre, on the hike.

“Goodness, they all smell like fish!”
Some lady Hike Group Two passed by on the way back to base camp.

“I was impressed how many of you guys could speak German. I know myself how difficult that is.”
Jens Katemann, at the red-and-blue water reflection.

“What time is it?” “Ten to.” “Ten to what?” “Tend to your own damn business!”

“Ja Dodi!”

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